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Gandhi Salt March Ltd unites Australia at Orange & White Peace Day

Gandhi Salt March Ltd unites Australia at Orange & White Peace Day

19 April 2019

Gandhi Salt March Ltd unites Australia at Orange & White Peace Day

An Orange and White Peace Day to promote the Gandhian values of peace, trust, and inclusiveness in Australia will be held at the Robelle Domain, Springfield on Sunday 28 April 2019 as a free Queensland community event.

The event will be hosted by the Gandhi Salt March Ltd (GSML) to strengthen business and community commitment to the Gandhian values of peace, trust and inclusiveness.

Diverse representation is expected with notable representatives from international interests, Indigenous Australians, Members of Parliament - Federal, state, local, business leaders, academics, NGO representatives, religious and spiritual leaders, migrants from refugee backgrounds to children of local institutions to attend with one message of peace, harmony and inclusivity.

GSML Chairman, Jim Varghese AM said: “Today we need to nurture leadership which mobilises our diverse communities towards a shared goal embracing the Gandhi’s plea for a society built on peace trust and inclusiveness.”

In the three years since launching the inaugural Power of Peace Festival in 2016, the event has grown from strength to strength and the theme has never been more relevant.

This free day, will showcase a range of multicultural activities and performances from the drums of peace, from the African Djembe (meaning - coming together) and the Bhangra – the vibrant free-spirited dance of the farmers at the harvest from Punjab - to a moderated dialogue on Fostering Unity through Ethics in Business and Politics with distinguished representatives from business, politics, religion and community.

Mr Varghese said, “I am looking forward to moderating this dialogue to rekindle Gandhian values of collaborative leadership which embrace diversity, inner calm and outer dynamism – the keys to marshalling social capital and nation building”.

The celebration of the Orange and White Peace Day will include diverse cultures, and skills. A centrepiece of the day will be the peace march which will commence from the Gandhi Inspiration Bridge in the Robelle Domain Parklands to symbolically recognise the historic Gandhian Salt March for freedom. The March will be led by the drums from Africa and India, with an ode to the land, mother nature and the power of peace pledge.

GSML provides a sustainable platform, showcasing an innovative approach for a positive environment for people, and our planet. To promote a culture of peace, a free guided meditation for World Peace will be offered followed by soulful energising music from six ethnicities including Middle Eastern to Celtic folk. Ensemble Diaspora’s music symbolises the ongoing wave of human migration. Rich stories from Women of Afghan showcases myriad cultural dialogues, including sharing their journey from post war to refuge.

A multi-awarded writer for Huffington Post and Sydney Morning Herald, Lisa Cox, with first-hand experience of disability will be the Master of Ceremonies.